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Värska Spa

Adress Väike-Rõsna küla, Värska vald, Põlva
Phone (+372) 7993901
website http://spavarska.ee/en/
E-mail info@spavarska.ee

Värska Spa is unique in Estonia for its treatment arsenal. We offer revitalisation through natural means - freshwater therapeutic mud and Värska mineral water. The freshwater therapeutic mud has 10 times more organic substances than sea mud and contains a substantial amount of hydrogen sulphide. 

In addition to the therapeutic mud and mineral water, clients can choose from electical, paraffin and salt treatments, various forms of massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise and many more services to improve your health. The treatments are carried out under the watchful eye of professionals (doctors, nurses). Our professional, experienced and attentive personnel guarantee the safety of our clients. 


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