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Reasons to visit us

Why should you come and visit us?

You should come to Põlva county if:
• You do not enjoy crowded places
• You want to feel small next to large sandstone cliffs
• You want to see the Pokus (sedges that look like fairytale creatures called Poku)
• You want to learn about the kingfisher and its habitat
• You want to experience something you can tell about to your friends, for example, go flying
• You wish to hear the traditional Seto folk song – the Leelo
• You want to see where Värska mineral water is bottled
• You want to look at Russia through a yellow window

When visiting Põlva county you should experience:
• Hiking through Valgesoo or Meenikunno bog on snow shoes
• Drinking the Värska mineral water
• The caves in Piusa sand mining area
• A cocktail of plum juice and flax flour
• Our many manors
• A canoe trip on the Ahja river or an inflatable boat trip on the Võhandu
• Riding a kick scooter or a push sleigh
• Local favourites – the suulliim (cold kefir soup) and hansa (alcoholic beverage, moonshine)
• A smoke sauna (ethnographic chimneyless sauna)

When your visit ends, the things you will miss about Põlva county are:
• Local forests, brimming with mushrooms and berries and smelling fresh like no other forests in the world
• The silence to be felt in a bog
• Granny’s country retreat
• The fact that you had Time for Leisure here
• Your new (and old) friends

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