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Swamps aplenty

Swamps aplenty

Nearly 10% of Põlva county’s territory is covered by swamps. The best known and most visited of these are definitely Valgesoo and Meenikunno.

Valgesoo, located amidst the primeval forests of Kiidjärve, is mainly a bog, covered with gnarled and stunted pine-trees. Common bog plants can be found here – leatherleaves, bog rosemary, crowberry, wild rosemary, hare’s-tail, cottongrass. The name of the bog, Valgesoo, meaning White Swamp, most likely comes from the whiteness of the latter in bloom. The bog is surrounded by the “baron’s pines” – a grand pine forest which was planted by an Ahja estate owner Conrad von Brasch in the middle of the 19th century. Hikers can enjoy a 2 km hiking trail, which takes them through the bog and an old spruce forest where you can marvel at the high wood ant nests.

Meenikunno is certainly the best known swamp in Põlva county. It is a truly beautiful recreational area. By the Päikeseloojangu maja (Sunset House) you can enjoy a million pinetrees’ view. A 2,3 km long boardwalk passes through the bog. Alongside, you can find information stands and in both ends there are RMK’s houses and campfire sites. On the Liipsaare side of the bog there is an observation tower. There are two beautiful lakes in the bog.

Discover the bogs and marshes in Põlva county either on your own or on a guided snowshoe or walking hike.

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